Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Fever!

Garden Snapshots

Spring is in full swing here and I definitely have spring fever! Everything is coming alive and encouraging me to go outside to play. As a result, not much is happening in the studio these days. I am gearing up for a glass show later this month, so I have lots of components, but nothing is complete. 

The one thing that I did finish, has already found a home. Mr. Tabby got me a new compressor for Christmas and has gotten that up and running. I am now able to sandblast to my heart's content! This platter was inspired by memories of winter in upstate New York. Gray and snowy. It has a nice frosted finish that makes it look elegant - thanks to my upgraded sandblast set up.

Winter Snow Platter

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  1. Lisa the spring flowers are lovely. I can't wait for flowers to bloom around here. Mostly we just have daffodils at this point. Mr. Tabby gives good presents. The plate is quite intriguing. Hope the glass show goes well. Best, Kim


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