Sunday, March 20, 2016

Butterfly Trio in Glass

Butterfly Trio
My latest work went to the Gallery this week. I've been incorporating more of my mixed media style into my kiln formed glass work. I am pretty happy with how these guys turned out. And, they looked so nice nestled in the bluebonnets!


  1. Lisa these are so gorgeous. I'd love to see them up close. How big are they and what is the process? They'd be lovely in my new addition.

    1. Kim, They are 4x8, 4x10 and 4x12. I have used 7 different layers of clear with various images on each layer. The images/marks were made with enamels, powders and glass paints. I've been inspired by your peacocks, maybe you will see something like that soon...

    2. This process is so interesting, wish we were closer so you could teach me. Peacocks might be sold before you make them, just sayin'


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