My Word for 2016: Be

My Patio
Each year, instead of resolutions, I pick a word to set the tone for the year. This year, my word is "Be". Just "Be".

In the past, I have picked action words that had me working towards a goal - finish this, build that, make, clean, reorganize. Recent events have made me really look at time and how it is spent. It is one of our most precious assets, but we tend to think it is unlimited. Someday, I will... Once I do this, then I can... I'm ready for someday.

I have a wonderful home, studio space and garden. Mr. Tabby has his creation space now. None are completely "done" but they are ready to be used and enjoyed. So this year, I just want to Be. I want to enjoy the people I love (four legged people included). I want to enjoy and use the spaces we have created. That means sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee listening to the birds. Reading. Laughing with friends and family. Listening to music. Soaking it all in.

This one will be hard for me. I am a do-er and always have a checklist of projects/chores. And, it doesn't mean that there won't be any new projects (sorry, Mr. Tabby). But I will try to do a better job of creating balance and enjoying the time that I have with the people that I love.

Me and Mother Tabby in Costa Rica