Great Week!

This is going to be a great week! The heat has finally broken! No more 100+ degree days. This morning was a wonderful crisp 59. The AC is off and the windows are open!

The big kiln is working again thanks to my fantastic electrician. The heat in the garage caused it to poop out! Got that fixed. The new sand blaster is working. The heat caused the gloves to melt! Got that fixed. Sensing a theme here? Got a new blade on the tile saw too. That wasn't a heat issue, but it sure is nicer to use now (it is in the carport).

I even got my knee fixed last week too. The surgery went well and I am up and about.

Pictured is one of the pot melts that took me two months to do (they don't work as well when the kiln won't heat past 1150). Hopefully, there will be more pretty glass pictures in the near future. I'm ready to get back into the studio!