Strange Wonderful Day

Today started out like any other day on the road - waking up in a strange room, breakfast on the run, meetings and more meetings. The days tend to run together. But not today. It started with a phone call that I shouldn't have answered. Then after lunch, an earthquake – in DC! DC!

After abruptly ending our conference call, we were ushered out of the building and on to the street with all the other people who work in the area. They decided that they needed to examine the building for damage so we had to leave. It was 2:00 – what to do? My coworkers and I decided that we should take the water taxi to Alexandria. What a wonderful night for a cruise on the Potomac! After a lovely dinner, we ended up in the middle of a yacht race at sunset. It doesn't get better than that! Sometimes, this job is pretty cool.

Now, off to finish that work that I should have done at 2:00…