High Water Rescue

You've come to save me!
Making a harness for Bart
Getting Ruben ready to go down the cliff

So, it started with a coyote in the yard. He couldn't get back across the waterlogged creek. So, I let the dogs out to shoo him away. They did a good job of that but were having fun splashing in the puddles.

I was in the wildflower meadow collecting bluebonnet seeds and heard this awful cry and then pathetic barking. I dropped my seeds and headed to the wailing. It became clear the Lulu was below the ledge of the cliff in the neighbor's yard. I couldn't see under the cliff, when I looked over, all I saw was rushing water from the flooded Cibolo Creek. Uh oh.

I went to get my neighbor. He led me to an outcrop where I could see Lulu on a ledge. Bart was frantically running around and shied back when he saw the neighbor. I left him there and decided to call the fire department for help. I also texted a friend who works for the fire department. I wasn't sure who could help with high water rescues for dogs. After talking with a few people including Animal Control, they sent out fire station #3.

A fire truck and an ambulance showed up. Then some pickup trucks showed up. Then a helicopter came. I showed them where Lulu was and noticed that now Bart was on the ledge too! He apparently decided to comfort Lulu by jumping off a ten foot cliff into the water and then swimming upstream to her ledge. He was soaked and looked terrified. Maybe not smart, but he is loyal to Lulu.

The firemen surveyed the situation and decided that they could either get a boat, or rappel down. The current was too strong for a boat, so one guy was volunteered to rappel. But, they didn't have enough equipment. So an even bigger fire truck and more pickup trucks came from Bexar county.

With 11 men there (and a photographer (not me)), they lowered the fireman down. He put Lulu in a life vest and wrapped her like a pig in a blanket. Up she went. She was so happy to be up, she licked all of their faces. Bart was not very fond of the life vest and wanted none of it. The fireman had to rig up the webbing to make him a custom harness. Up Bart went, swirling around. He was happy to be up with Lulu, but was not so sure about all of those men. Then up came Ruben the fireman. Whew!

What a day! I am so glad that they didn't end up in the rushing water, and, that our wonderful firemen were able to rescue them. They were fantastic and didn't blink an eye that our stranded family members had four legs and lots of fur!