Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Studio Update

The Shop (not a barn nor a studio) is pretty much complete. Mr. Tabby still has some trim work to do but it is now full of stuff - partly his and partly storage. We have determined that with our downsized plan, we have waaay too many science tables. So, if you are interested...

This is what my space is looking like. To the untrained eye, it looks pretty much the same - a space filled with too much stuff. But, it is now only my stuff. The wet area now has tiled walls (well, fake tile board) and there is space for a sink. The white is really making things bright. I have some work to do on the sink. It is a nice stainless one that we got at an auction. It was pretty gross, so that will require a day of "de-gunking".

This weekend, in addition to the sink, I will be working on the wall on the right side where the kilns will go. I have some minor rewiring of a plug to do and then will be putting up some pegboard.

I need to get my kilns up and running because I need to make some things for the "Texas Heat" glass exhibition in September. More on that later...


  1. Wow!!!! It's looking Great! Congratulations to you and your hubby on creating a creative space!

  2. How exciting for both of you. Wish I was near by and could swing in for a load of tables.

  3. Looking GREAT! So exciting! Might be interested in another table or two...


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