Friday, June 14, 2013

Lavender and Zinnias

Last weekend, we headed north about 20 miles to the Blanco Lavender Festival. The lavender fields have taken a big hit due to the drought these last few years. We only went to one farm this year - the Wimberly Lavender Farm - and then to the market at the square.

The drive to the farm was beautiful and, as usual, I made Mr. Tabby stop so that I could take some pictures. Below is a picture of an Aronsky Farm field of zinnias. How could I pass by a field like this without a picture?

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  1. Lisa - I want to go on road trips with you. Love Lavender, have lavender. Some grows well, some not so much. Zinnas however are just the perfect old fashioned country flower. A mason jar filled with zinnias equals love. Wish my seeds would hurry up and grow.


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