Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Drive, Part 1

This Sunday was one of those perfect Texas days in February. After a good rain on Saturday, Sunday was sunny and 70 degrees. The newspaper had an article about the Benini Sculpture Ranch in Johnson City. It is closing this year as Benini and his wife have decided to sell the ranch and move to a cooler climate.

Mr. Tabby and I decided that it was a good day to drive to the ranch for a visit. We took the back roads from Blanco. Of course, I took my camera - below are some pictures from our Sunday drive. What a beautiful day!


  1. You never know what you will see on a Sunday drive! That is why they are so fun. Thanks for sharing yours with me.

  2. So happy to meet someone else who is now considered "trailer trash". HEE, HEE! Anyways, I love the photos you took along your drive. I love going on wonderful drives through the country.

  3. Lisa - I like your photos and enjoyed the ride. Those sculptures are incredible. I never heard of this place, but would really enjoy going. I wonder what will happen to the place when they move. Sure hope the new care takers will continue to share with others. Can't wait to see part II.


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