Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Drive, Part 2 - The Sculpture Ranch

Italian artisit Benini and his wife have a home and an art gallery nestled in the Texas Hill Country just outside Johnson City on a piece of LBJ's former ranch. The house sits on top of a hill with spectacular views. The 140 acres display 110 contemporary sculptures and a gallery for Benini's work. The ranch is now for sale so we figured we'd better get up there to check it out. We also bought a lottery ticket on the way - just in case...

Below are some of my favorites on the ranch.

 Agaves - LaPaso

 Transit - Walter Horak

Paladin - Bettye Hamblen Turner

Dancers - Jerry Daniel 

The view halfway up the hill

Inside the gallery 

Benini painting


  1. Oh My Gosh, What an amazing property and gallery... Just curious, did you win the Lottery? LOL!

    Thanks for the tour... It was fun to get out of the Minnesota winter for a short time! Have a great day!Kris

  2. Alas, we did not win. I guess we will have to keep trying!

  3. Lisa - Part II worth waiting for. Love the Agaves. What a cool place. Thanks for sharing.


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