Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday's rain storm left us with 3.6 inches of rain and made our creek actually look like a creek! Happy plants today! Hopefully, this this year will be better for our trees than last year.


  1. Yay!
    It looks wonderful! Congratulations...
    Looks like crossing our fingers may have helped...

    But 3 and a half inches all at once... seems a bit much to get all at once...
    Any storm damage? Any buildings get washed away?

    That crick behind the cactus is a great shot!

    1. We don't do anything half way here. Either no rain or tons of rain!

      There was some damage. Flooding and a few tornadoes. A friend's roof blew off and landed in the street. No injuries (to them) thankfully.

  2. Gorgeous! I bought a book on encaustics in November and have yet to jump in. i want to print on glass and then add layers of images in wax...I wonder if that will work? Just my imagining stuff I guess. It was great to see you at the meeting! Also, thanks for saying so many kind things about the studio. You are always so wonderful to have there! I consider you a friend and not just a student now!!

    1. Gail - you are welcome to come over and play with the wax to see if you like it. I thought about mixing it with glass too but it is supposed to go on a porous surface like wood for the wax to adhere. But, rules are made to be broken. Can't hurt the glass to try.


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