Love Letter

This weekend, Mr. Tabby and I went to the mall. He saw this magnet and bought it for me to keep in my studio. He thought that the quote was particularly relevant to me right now. He is always doing nice things like this! He knows me well and is always, always supportive. Even though it usually means more work for him!
Today is our eighth wedding anniversary so I have been thinking a lot about the past eight years. He was the one to encourage me to turn my hobbies into more of a full time endeavor. He is the one to load up the truck for shows and is there to drop things off at the gallery when I can’t make it. He agreed to vacation in Portland because we could fit in a trip to Bullseye. He was the one with the idea to build a new studio and got the land cleared for the future home of the Tangerine Tabby Studio. I am able to do so many things because he is there to support and encourage me. Is it any wonder that I knew right away that he was the guy for me? I love you honey!