Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to the Blog

Sorry for the long break from the blog. Life sometimes gets in the way...
I have been increasingly stressed about my upcoming knee surgery. The literature that they gave to me to read details the procedure, the gigantic scar and the eighteen months of recovery including twelve weeks of crutches and months of rehab. Yesterday was the last appointment with the doctor before the surgery. He did help to quell some of my fears. I will be able to work in the initial twelve weeks, although I will need a driver and a Sherpa to make it through the airports. There will be a lot of time confined to the bed though. On the good news side, my little cartilage cells are growing nicely up there in Boston and should be ready for the transplant.
The preoccupation with my knee has pretty much killed my creative mojo. I won’t be able to work with glass while on crutches so I am pretty bummed. I will try to focus more on jewelry and painting – things that I can do while seated. Mr. Tabby will be helping me to do some rearranging in the studio so that I can wheel around.
Until the surgery, it is back to work on the road and a long weekend vacation with Mr. Tabby. Next week is Oregon, one of my favorite places. I hope to sneak in some good pictures while I’m there…


  1. our house know all too well the knee surgery thing. Charles had his this past year, two days before Christmas - some gift huh - he feels better but not completely healed. I suspect you are having much more complex surgery and my heart goes out to you. I had complete knee reconstruction done over thirty years ago, have a very large scar and know the writing is on the wall for another at some point, right now I just go in every six months and have an injection that helps somewhat. Maybe you can get your glass "fix" through me. All the very best for your surgery. Keep us posted!

  2. I was hoping you'd say that after 3months, Charles is skipping around the house like a teenager ;).


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