Studio Week

LMeyer-TinyWillow             LMeyer-TheEntranceOfWomen

I was able to spend the entire week in the studio this week. Other than the luxury of a cup of coffee and a walk through the garden in the morning, I worked in the studio until at least 9:00 each evening. An artist's life doesn't necessarily mean a life of leisure! It was, however, a joy to work in such a lovely environment. The windows were open, the birds were chirping, the hummingbirds buzzing and the scent of wildflowers in the field was amazing.

I am gearing up for the King William Fair during Fiesta next weekend. The entire gallery will be down there to show off our art. I took the opportunity to make some new mixed media paintings. These have a much warmer tone to compliment Fiesta. I am really having fun with these!

If you are in San Antonio for Fiesta, stop by the King William Fair for some cold beer and food on a stick. We will be on Washington Street - hopefully in the shade.

Studio Patio with one of my Supervisors