Garden Gate

Garden Gate
Well, the garden has been winning out on the priority list. Since we have received a decent amount of rain over the winter, everything is growing like gang busters. I have tried really hard to be good at our local nursery Rainbow Gardens. And, I have been. Really. Most of my perennials are actually coming back this year so I only have a few holes to fill. Oh, and a tree to plant...

Mr. Tabby and I have been revamping the vegetable garden. We are doubling the size and had grandpa Tabby do some tractor work in February. Today, we spent the day working on the new fence. The new vision for the garden will have more roses and a cottage style flower garden on the perimeter. It will be another year before it actually has vegetables again, but we are making progress.

Above is a picture of the old part of the vegetable garden. The arbor that Mr. Tabby made for me is completely covered with climbing roses. And, the roses have swallowed my bottle tree. That's another thing on the list to fix. Below, Lulu patiently waited all day until she could do her inspection.

Can we come in yet?

Rainbow Gardens