Monday, March 2, 2015

Treasure Hunting

This past weekend we had a winter storm warning. Temps were near freezing and it was drizzly. So what did Mr. Tabby and I do? We chose this day to hunt for treasures in our favorite junk stores. Outside. In the cold.

We had some things to drop off at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore downtown and decided "since we are in the neighborhood" we would stop at Yeya's Antiques and Oddities on Commerce. They have the coolest things. They even had a plane hull once that I thought could be turned in to really neat coffee tables.

We ended up getting a nice pile of rusty things. Some that will make their way into my artwork and some that Mr. Tabby will eventually turn into knives. It's a good thing we are up to date on our tetanus shots...


  1. Lisa - I'm not sure what all this stuff is - but the rusty patina is awesome. At first I thought the photo on the left was the inside of a piano - but I give. What is it?

  2. Kim - It is the insides of a piano. It made a cool picture. I have no idea what the big yellow thing was but the bottom right pic was an old trunk from a Chevrolet car in front of some hot pink doors. We thought it could be made into a cool coffee table, but we really do not need another coffee table project!


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