Thursday, December 29, 2011

White Christmas - in Texas!!!

We went to visit Grandma in west Texas this Christmas break. We took the RV and the dogs which is our tradition now. Little did we know that west Texas would be the only part of the country to get a white Christmas this year.

The dogs loved it. They frolicked in the snow and thoroughly enjoyed Grandma's back yard. We had to leave before the snow got too deep. Snow and pulling an RV are no fun. Thankfully, just an hour south, the roads were clear.

Below are pictures of the beginnings of a rare white Christmas in Texas.


  1. That is so funny since I live in Ohio and it was nice and sunny here. Today is the first cold day we have had this winter and we still haven't had more than a few snow flurries. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your dogs playing in the snow - so cute!

  2. Brrr!
    How miserable!
    The dogs appear to like it though... We just had 2 days of below freezing temps. Never left the house. Glad we missed yall's snow!


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