Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty

Oliver was born under our shed a few years ago. His mother and sister made the mistake of venturing into the backyard with the dogs. Oliver was smarter than that and we named him after the famous orphan Oliver Twist. We had been able to catch him and get him fixed, but he had no interest in becoming a house cat. He would come around from time to time to eat from the dish on the porch and was friendly enough. A few times we caught him and brought him in the house when it was cold. But those times, he would shoot out the door as soon as he was able. However, a few weeks ago it rained pretty hard (for Texas standards). At 3am, he was crying very loudly at the front door to come in. He was cold, hungry and wet. We let him in and he hasn't gone out since.

Oliver has been getting pretty acclimated to life in the house. He knows where the never ending bowl of food is, has been using the litter box and has claimed the perfect sleeping spot under our bed. This morning, Mr. Tabby and I were on the couch reading the Sunday paper. We had been watching Oliver as he amused himself with the throw rug in the living room. He then excused himself to visit the hall bath where we have a litter box. We heard the usual scratching in the box. Then we heard the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle of someone using the toilet. Being the only humans in the house, we both looked at each other in confusion. Mr. Tabby then snuck over to the bath to find Oliver peeing in the toilet! What proud parents we were! How does a mostly feral cat figure out how to do that??? He has definitely earned a place in the house. Now, if we can just have him teach the other cats this new trick…

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  1. Oh I love Oliver's story! He is smart to have come in to stay! We had a Siamese - Kyle, when I was growing up and he used the toilet too. Hooray to Oliver!


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