New Studio Progress

It started last fall when Hubby and I took a trip to Bullseye Glass in Portland (I was finishing up a project in Boise and figured that Portland was sort of on the way home). During our trip, we drove down the coast to go to a studio where they would let us blow our own glass paperweights. There are quite a few glass artisans in the area and we visited another studio, Alder House Glass, south of Lincoln City. On the way, we drove on a winding path through the huge Oregon pine trees. The studio was situated at the base of the mountains nestled amongst the trees. You could envision the fairies living in the greenery. I told Hubby that that was a heavenly place to create art and I wished that we could make our arid Texas landscape look like that.

A few weeks later, wonderful Hubby told me that he had found a place for my studio. He had given my musing quite a bit of thought. It would require some clearing at the back of our land, but we had the space and it would be nestled in the woods as I wanted. He has been clearing ever since and has discovered the most wonderful spot. I called our electric company to make sure that we could get electricity back to the spot - and they said yes. Yesterday, I had a contractor come out and give me his impression. He said that building there wouldn't be a problem and even better, he could do it within budget.

My dream studio is now within reach! Now comes the planning part (fun!) and the saving money part (not so much fun!).