New Arrivals and Dirty Hands

Mexican Flame Vine
I have been seduced by the garden these days. It has been difficult to do anything inside - even paint.

It has been a few years since I have had time to have a garden. We took out the vegetable beds to re-grade and expand the vegetable garden a few years ago and it has lain fallow ever since. Each time I looked in that direction it made me sad. A garden is just one of those things that feeds my soul. And, there is nothing better than fresh summer tomatoes!

This year, Mr. Tabby built me some beautiful new tall beds and I have spent the last few weeks getting them ready for planting. I can't just have vegetables in my garden. I have to have blooms as well, so there will be a few flowers mixed in with the veggies and herbs. Today, at Rainbow Gardens, I found this stunning vine called a Mexican Flame Vine. It is supposed to have these daisy like flowers all summer long. It will share the new arbor with green beans.

Below are some photos of the garden with all of the new arrivals in place.