Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tucson Road Trip

Mountain Lion

This year, I finally made it to Tucson for the annual Gem week. Gail was teaching and I went along as Vanna. We made it a road trip and listened to books on tape to make the 12 hour drive a little more interesting. The drive was easy and the weather was good. The scenery was stunning.

I did some hiking in the desert as well as shopped at some of the 40+ gem shows. So much eye candy. Below are some of my photos of the trip. This week will be a busy one to get ready for the Valentine's show at the Gallery, but I am making it a priority to make at least a few things from what I picked up in Tucson.

West Texas



Bird on Saguaro

Injured Peregrine Falcon

African Village Beads

Glass and Metal Clay Pendant Made in Class

Metal Clay Lentil Bead Made in Class


  1. Lisa - I'm sure this was an interesting trip - at least the photos are. How did you get that close to big kitty and the falcon? Beautiful beads - too.

    1. Big kitty was behind glass. I was there early and she was interested in watching the people go by. I was lucky! The falcon was on the arm of a handler. Her broken wing never healed correctly so she will never be able to be in the wild. She does conservation and work and education now ;).


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