Tucson Road Trip

Mountain Lion

This year, I finally made it to Tucson for the annual Gem week. Gail was teaching and I went along as Vanna. We made it a road trip and listened to books on tape to make the 12 hour drive a little more interesting. The drive was easy and the weather was good. The scenery was stunning.

I did some hiking in the desert as well as shopped at some of the 40+ gem shows. So much eye candy. Below are some of my photos of the trip. This week will be a busy one to get ready for the Valentine's show at the Gallery, but I am making it a priority to make at least a few things from what I picked up in Tucson.

West Texas



Bird on Saguaro

Injured Peregrine Falcon

African Village Beads

Glass and Metal Clay Pendant Made in Class

Metal Clay Lentil Bead Made in Class