Winter Solstice Reflections

Last Year in Albany, New York

The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year and today, the daylight slowly begins to return. Each year at this time, I reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming year. This year is especially relevant as I am literally closing the door on Roadhouse Arts and looking forward to more time for my own studio time.

For me, the intent of Roadhouse was to be a creative place where I could spend more time making my art. I thought that being around other creative people would encourage and support that goal. Instead, it became an uncomfortable place with increasing demands on my time that had to do with running a business rather than creating. I already have a “day job” so additional work was just taking away from my creative time. When the expectations began to interfere with my family relationships and health, I realized that was not how I wanted to live my life. I had to remove myself from the daily operations and eventually decided I had to leave the business.

Looking forward, I will be making more room for studio time in my life. It is what keeps me sane in a hectic life, so it is not something that I can let falter.

I have been accepted into a fantastic gallery in Gruene which is a cute old German town outside New Braunfels known for its shops and galleries. The other artists in The Gallery at Gruene Lake Village are extremely talented so I am honored to be included. I have even opened an online shop which has already had sales! These two venues will allow me to continue to show my work and offer my work for sale.

I will also be teaching short mixed media workshops at Lyn Belisle’s Studio in San Antonio. The teaching will be limited in scope so that it doesn’t dominate my time, but still allows me to spend some time creating with other inquisitive and open people.

I am working hard at honoring my creative side and appreciating those relationships that nourish my soul. Maybe it is wisdom (or, maybe it is because I am tired) but I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do everything. So, I have had to determine what MY priorities should be and let some of the other things go to the wayside.

I hope you are looking forward to more light in the days as well!