Sunday, September 20, 2015

Don't Fence Me In

Last year, Mr. Tabby and I pulled up our vegetable garden because we needed to do some grading and the raised beds were in bad shape. Because I got sidetracked with Roadhouse Arts the last two years, we haven't made much progress in getting it back together. We did manage to move the fence to enlarge the space and incorporate some more of the fruit trees.

Not having a garden makes me unhappy but it has been too hot to plant anything even if I had the time to build and fill the beds. So, I did a little compromising. I happen to have loads of glass, so I made some tiles to pretty up the cattle panel and add a little color to the yard. I'm not quite done yet, but here is a look at the progress. Even Bart has given it his thumbs up. He can still see the deer and the cars that go by. We have grand plans for the garden next year. Maybe then, I won't be showing pictures of fenced in dirt...

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