Monday, June 9, 2014

Making Lemonade and Feeding the Soul

The day job had me flying to Albany, NY this past week. My fifth delayed flight of the week had me missing a connection and spending the night at Dulles. I decided to make the most of the delay and extended my layover to 20 hours and went to the National Gallery of Art and the American Art Museum. It was a beautiful day in DC to stroll the mall and take in some classic artwork.

I was able to see some old favorites and thanks to a special exhibit, have now added Andrew Wyeth to my list of favorites. His watercolors are just stunning. Below is a small tour...

Andrew Wyeth





Singer Sargent

Van Gogh

Monday, June 2, 2014

Garage Make Over

The garage make over to a glass studio is finally complete. We took a standard two car garage and added insulation, four skylights, two sets of french doors and two windows. It is very bright during the day and only needs lights at night. Right now it is quite a pleasant place to work. Since we don't have AC, that might not last for long as the Texas summer progresses. But for now, the kilns are vented and have been getting a workout.

We also added on to the back of garage for my non-glass pursuits including painting, encaustics and jewelry. That is still a mess, so I will show it in a future post...