Seth Apter - The Studio Table

I am pleased to participate in Seth Apter's blog hop today celebrating the Studio Table in its working state - not the cleaned up version for a photo shoot. When I am working, I do like to have all of my supplies in their correct spot so I can find them easily. So, my table in generally pretty neat. This doesn't extend to my hands and clothing that seem to get get paint everywhere!

I have two spaces where I create. The first space is one of three studios at Roadhouse Arts. This one tends to be cleaner because it is open to the public. These pictures show it when I was painting a mixed media piece for Halloween. Before Seth arrives next October to teach, I will have to tidy up a bit.

This space is in my home studio which is an extension to the garage. In this space, I get lots of help from my studio assistants. In this photo, Chessie is helping me to string a garnet necklace. They do get kicked out when I fire up the griddles for encaustic work.