Friday, July 18, 2014

Left Behind

On the way to Cloudcroft, we passed several west Texas towns that have not fared well with age. Of course, I told Mr. Tabby to pull over so I could take some pictures. Since I had ten hours to kill in the car, I learned how to Instagram. These are some of the pictures I took. I love the natural patina that age creates.


  1. You could frame these and have some nice artwork! :0) David
    Do you remember the names of the towns? I love ghost/almost ghost towns.

  2. Lisa - amazing I too love that patina. There is a place in FL that we will be traveling though soon - that has an old church that I always say I want to stop and photograph, usually at that point we are about 12 hours into a 16+ trip and we don't want to stop, we just want to get to our destination. You inspired me though - except I don't instagram.:(


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