Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Journey

I have to say goodbye to a friend that I made this year. She and her husband are moving back to Alaska. It seems that the Texas summers were a bit too warm and the Wounded Warriors from Alaska need her expertise again.

We did a bit of bartering and I will get to keep this beautiful painting of a polar bear in exchange for one of my hibiscus plates. She will take a bit of tropical Texas with her and I will get to feel the chill of the ice on a hot summer day.

I will miss her - but I am gaining a really good tour guide for a trip to Fairbanks next summer...


  1. Lisa- hurts to lose a friend, but then again you aren't losing her, she is just a little further away. Fairbanks tour, something to look forward to. Nice bear

  2. Wait a minute...

    "God blessed Texas with His own hand
    Brought down angels from the promised land
    Gave 'em a place where they could dance
    If you wanna see heaven brother, here's your chance
    I've been sent to spread the message
    God Blessed Texas"

    After being lucky enough to live in Texas, they went BACK to the cold Arctic???

    No way....

    Njoy Fairbanks, take some pics of the pipeline... Go on lotsa tours...

    Oh yeah... be sure to photograph the swarms of midges and black flies... there should be plenty... Probably be as difficult to photograph as rain is, but imagine the great collage you could create...


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