Vitrigraph Success!

I was finally able to get my new vitrigraph kiln fired up and working. First I needed the appopriate electrical, then it was hot (our summers are hot!), then my knee broke, then I needed the right shelf...

But now, thanks to wonderful weather and a little advice from my friends at Wired Designs, I am up and running. Now, I need to get busy before it gets too hot again!

Above is the vitrigraph set up over in Tangerine Tabby Studio East (aka the garage). The little kiln heats a pot full of glass. The kiln has a hole in the bottom so the molten glass flows out. The bucket is there to catch all the cool glass.

The result - lots of cool glass squiggles to use in my art work.

This weekend was a full weekend - Picked up my glass order (a Jeep full!), all three kilns going. Daughter practicing flameworked beads. Two dozen candles made. Whew! Back to work tomorrow to rest!

I hope you had a great weekend too!