Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunday Drive, Part 3 - Becker Vinyards

After visiting the Sculpture Ranch, we drove over to the Becker Vinyards and Lavender Farm for a little wine tasting. What a way to cap off a beautiful February day - sitting in the sunshine sipping local wine, a little snack and listening to music! This is why we love Texas!

Fired Up Kitchen made fresh pizzas from their rolling pizza oven! Yum!!!


  1. So Lisa, I'm coming to visit you. I love your neck of the woods. Recently I've been having fantasies about building a brick oven to fire up some pizza's in. This fantasy included having one built in time for my studio open house in May so that we could treat all to a pizza palooza. Sigh, dreams are good aren't they?

    1. You are welcome anytime!

      Put the pizza oven on a trailer like that guy. Then you can have pizza anywhere!


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