Perfect Day!

Yesterday was an unseasonably warm day here in the Hill Country. Yes, I usually brag about the February weather in Texas, but it was even better than usual.

I am taking Flora Bowley's painting class and am a bit behind in the homework. I decided to load up the wagon and take my paintings out to the "Happy Place" aka "cleared spot for new studio". Who needs walls and a roof when it is a sunny 80 degrees?

Below are pictures of my painting spot along with the before and afters of my canvases.

After my afternoon painting session, I headed down to Wired Designs Studio to hear Devon Willis from Bullseye Glass talk about glass reactions. The chemistry in the glass pigments does some cool things when certain glasses are combined. Afterwards, Gail cut up some glass so we could try things out for ourselves. My samples are below:

My samples in the kiln.

Ooh - Lusters on French Vanilla!

Dense White and French Vanilla!

What a fantastic day! Too bad vacation will be over and I will have to go back to the day job next week. Playing is so much more fun!