Off and Running

I’m a bit late to the new year and consider this week as my fresh start. I am walking on my own for the first time since November. Woo hoo! I am slow and it’s not without pain, but I am independent again. This weekend, Mr. Tabby and I put away all evidence of a sick person in our bedroom. No more crutches, walkers, or soccer balls (for therapy). We also got rid of the extra bedside table full of pills and general junk. The TV also went back to the TV room where it belongs. No more lying in bed all day! The studio also got a good cleaning and the kiln is now back in place and plugged in.

Today, I also start taking the Hello Soul Hello Business class with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. They will be teaching me how to create and grow my artistic business. The business has been growing each year since it was started (that sounds impressive, but when you start at zero, it doesn’t take much to grow!). I am looking forward to this class to help me focus and refine my five year plan towards a new career.
Even the day job is showing promise as I have made a change to work with people that I greatly admire. This year shows tons of promise already!