Prodigal Son

Last night John Doe came back to spend the night.

John Doe is one of the original Tangerine Tabbies. He came to us just after Mr. Tabby was deployed to Afghanistan and I was a bit lonely. I thought he was just visiting and gave him the name "John Doe". He on the other hand, knew that he would be staying and made himself right at home. The name stuck.

He has always been a roamer and has made friends out of many neighbors. This summer though, we fostered too many kittens for his liking and he decided to find a new household. He found one down the street where the neighbors also have soft hearts and feed the deer and stray cats. They don't have kittens to bother him and they have a beautiful yard. His new people are good to him.

When he showed up last night for dinner, I was thrilled. I immediately got him his favorite chicken dinner and shooed everyone else away. I also got out his favorite blanket so he would be snuggly and warm. Mr. Tabby laughed at my attention and called him the prodigal son. He left again this morning. But, I am happy that he knows I still love him. And, maybe he will come back to me full time someday.