Blackberry Ice Cream

This weekend, we had an unintentional sleepover party. CK&E spent the night to give my brother and his wife a night off. We also had C and my mom decided to join the party. The kids picked blackberries from the bushes and we made blackberry ice cream from a The Pioneer Woman recipe. Each child had a task in the process. The declared it the best ice cream ever. They also made lists of all the wildlife they saw during the weekend. The list included a "seriously big lizard" that the cats brought into the house. It was actually a terrified horned toad. We took it back to the garden where it hopefully scampered away from the cats.

Today the boys and I went on a nature walk to see if we could see some more wildlife. We went to the old oak tree to look for the screech owl and we checked out the armadillo hole. Little C was very interested in the birds. I explained that you had to be very quiet and still in order to notice all the things around you. It was a wonderful time with them. E stayed in the house to help Hubby make chocolate chip pancakes. She was so proud of herself! Big C slept in - because that's what teenagers do. Later we took some pictures of Big C in the "park". I hadn't taken pictures of her in a while. I even managed to get the beautiful smile instead of the teenage fake one. It was a wonderful weekend.