Gobble, gobble, gobble

Saturday morning at six, we were awakened by the gobble, gobble, gobble of a wild turkey passing through the yard. Friday night, my mom, R and I were sitting on the back deck enjoying the evening when an owl flew up into the tree. I ran to get my bird book and we decided that he is an Eastern Screech Owl. I've heard him quite often in the evenings, but had never seen him before. R also got to see a real live armadillo when we went down the nature trail. In 20 years in Texas she had never seen one that wasn't squished on the side of the road. It was quite a weekend for new wildlife sightings.

Hubby and I got busy on Sunday and planted nine trees. We planted our CPS rebate tree and the baby that came as a bonus in the container. We also planted five new olive trees. We lost our other ones in the big freeze this winter. We went to the Olive festival where they told us to water them well before a freeze and they should do fine. We also bought bigger trees this year. Hopefully, they will fare better.