New Beginnings

I have always enjoyed creating and crafting. My memories of elementary school include sneaking into the art room during recess to create an additional project. In high school, I added painting and photography to my list of passions. After college and my first real job, the creative side fell to the wayside as I focused on my career and mortgage payments. However, my homes always had a plant in the window sill, a project on the table and a cat sleeping contently in the middle of the project.

After finally moving to the country, I now have a huge canvas to pursue my creative passions by gardening and making beautiful objects. With my husband's help, we have created a large vegetable garden around the existing pear trees. We began an orchard of peach, plums, apples and olives. Each year I come up with another plan to add to the garden. The house that we chose also has a room that has become my dedicated studio. At the time it seemed huge compared to my little spot on an outside patio. However, in three short years I have outgrown the space and have encroached on the garage. Our family has also increased to include the many rescues that have found their way to our home and decide to stay a while.

With the new year, I have decided to make a concerted effort to increase the amount of time that I spend on the creative side of my life with the hopes of someday leaving the "day job" for good. This blog will serve as a reason to connect to that side on a regular basis as well as to chronicle my trials and successes along the way.